Friday, August 31, 2012

I Have Nothing To Wear

You know that feeling when you open your closet and you think to yourself "I have nothing to wear"? When in reality you have tons of clothes, and you're just being picky. And it's just my luck that every single time I think to myself "I have nothing to wear" I'm always in a rush. I could just be easy and throw on a pair of black skinny jeans and a blouse and be done with it, but that just isn't how it works. My outfit has to be perfect. I have to feel like wearing it. So by the time I've decided what to wear it's been 10 minutes and I look in the mirror. Then realize that I wore the exact same outfit last week. Ok that's not going to work. So I take my top off and throw on a different one, much easier of a process the second time around. 

I just don't understand why this is such a problem, who care what we wear or if we wore the same outfit last week? I care more than anyone does. Kids in Africa don't spend 10 minutes trying to decide what to wear so why do we? I personally think that I'm emotionally connected to my clothes so if they aren't "speaking" to me then I just can't stand to wear it. 

Another one of my problems from a long long list...

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